Consignments to the Tennessee Fall Showcase Sale!
Saturday, October 18

Lot 26 – CVLS Blazin Maria 251Z: VIDEO
ASA# 2723181
DOB 9/02/12  Black Polled SimAngus
PRS Blazin Hot W192 x CVLS MI Maria 328N

Pasture Exposed from 4/6/14 to a Milestone Son.

Sold to Todd Landis; Homer, MI

Lot 35 - CVLS Nikki 302A: VIDEO
ASA# 2758714
DOB 1/1/13    Black Polled Purebred
SS Upscale X25 x CVLS Goldengirl 710T

S A V Bismarck 5682 (2492333).

Sold to Martins Farm; Lyles, TN


Thanks to the Buyers & Bidders at the KenCo Cattle Company’s Family Matters Sale
Saturday, September 20th 2014

Good Luck with your purchases!

Lot 10 - CVLS Velvet 333A
Sold to Fenton Farms: Ellisvilee,MS
ASA# 2796719   
CNS Pays to Dream/ PRS Spring Velvet X126
Video: Watch Now!

Lot 11B - CVLS Spring Velvet 064B
Sold to Mantin Farms Lyles, TN
ASA# 2869815   
Upgrade/ PRS Spring Velvet

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Lot 11C - PRS Spring Velvet Flush
Sold to Sunset View Farms Auburn, KY
ASA# 2525804 
SVF Stonehenge/ Swain Velvet 607S

Lot 11D - Embreyos
Sold to HTP Simmentals Paris, KY

Lot 13 - CVLS Savannah 307A
Sold to Fenton Farms Ellisville.MS
ASA# 2775149
SAV Pioneer/CLVS Savannah 441P

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Lot 14 - CVLS Static Queen 123Y
Sold to J & C Simmentals Martin, KY
ASA# 2574970 
Static/ Queen of Dreams

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Lot 16 - PRS Ever Glamour’s W261
Sold to Barins Cattle Company Elemendorf, TX
ASA# 2526140
TNT Ever Ready/SAFN She’s Glamorous

Selling Choice of these 2 SimAngus

Lot 19A - CVLS All Diva 334A
Sold to W 6 Farms Crossville, TN
ASA# 2796720   
PVF ALL Payday 729/ CLO Diva Dew 653X

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Lot 19B - CVLS Pays 2B A Diva 336A
Sold to Welsh Simmentals Glasgow, KY
ASA# 2796733   
PVF ALL Payday 729/ CLO Diva Dew 653X

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Selling Choice of these 2 SimAngus

Lot 20A - CVLS Force Of Diva 018A
Sold to Lor-Mar Simmentals Prospect, OH
ASA# 2818666  
Steel Force/ Diva Dew

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Lot 20B - CVLS Steel A Diva 046A
Sold to Woodlawn Farms Clarksville, GA
ASA# 2796734  
Steel Force/ Diva Dew

Lot 21 - CLO Diva Dew 653X Embryos
Sold to Sunny View Farms Alexander, IL
Lot 21A - JF Milestone 999W
Sold to Dusty Wellman Donnellson, IA
Lot 21D - SVF Steel Force S701
Sold to Rock Hill Farms Dawsonville, GA

Lot 22 - CVLS Diva By A Mile 347A
Sold to Kevin Van Beck Hudson, SD
ASA# 2796727  
Milestone/ Diva Dew

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Lot 43 - PRS Jades Star U231
Sold to Terry Oliver Quinton, OK
ASA# 2484553
SVF Star Power/AJE.JF Ant Joy Jade

Lot 44 - SS Sweet Dream Embryos
Lot 44A - JM X1 That’s Right
Sold to Katies Simmentals Wythersville, VA
Lot 44B - SVF Allegiance Y802
Sold to Kevin Van Beek Hudson, SD

Lot 45 - CVLS Sweet Fantasy 273Z
Sold to Barin Cattle Company Elemendorf, TX
ASA# 2723190  Purebred   
Movin Forward/ Dream On  
Bred to Bismarck

Video: Watch Now!

Lot 60 - JF ES Lady S03
Sold to Darryl & Trudy Wentland Grants Pass, OR
ASA# 2391782 
Dream On/ Eblen cow EP68

Lot 62 - CVLS Ms Tequila 341A
Sold to Matt Isaacs Horse Cave, KY
ASA# 2796740
PVF All Payday 729/CVLS Morning Dew 122M

Lot 71 - CVLS Simsation 262Z
Sold to W 6 Farms Crossville, TN
ASA# 2723169  Purebred   
Upscale/ Chosen One        
Bred to W/C United
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